KISS ALIVE the TRIBUTE is often imitated, don't settle for anything less. We are the best.

We do not simply perform....We Recreate Rock History



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KKISS ALIVE the TRIBUTE will work with most agencies and agents on a non-exclusive basis.

*  KISS ALIVE the Tribute is not simply just another KISS TRIBUTE band, we are a national, theatrical  
    stage and music act made up of highly talented, seasoned music veterans who resemble the 
    members of the band  KISS in their early days.

* KISS ALIVE the TRIBUTE accurately portrays KISS the band, its members, the choreography and the 
    music. We thoroughly impersonate the original members. We perform using vintage instruments with
    period accurate costumes and makeup.

    *  This is not the watered down version of the current band but precise recreation of the band at their peak   
    of 1970's super group status. We possess a passion for our work, we love what we do and we are very
    good at it. We've invested our souls and we pour them out each and every time we perform.

*  Any venue who books KISS ALIVE the TRIBUTE can expect a packed house.
   The real band KISS has 40 years of loyal dedicated fans with a demographic spanning ages
   7 to 65 years  of age. When venues advertise that we are performing, the fans will come from miles and
   miles.  This act practically sells itself and your clients will be guaranteed a huge turnout providing they  

*  We are Unique and Exclusive. No other band covers the era of the actual band as we do.
   There are only a small handful of truly talented KISS tribute bands available, this is one.
   We are exclusive in the United States and happen to be the only professional KISS tribute in the south east U.S. 

*  Your client's venue will leave a lasting impression with patrons and create repeat business.
   The quality level of your entertainment will keep  patrons coming back for more.

* We are available for reasonable fees with riders and accommodate with discretion for venue size and    
    capacity. We perform for corporate events, annual municipal events, trade shows, conventions,
    private functions/events, bike rallies, festivals, clubs, play houses and various other venues.
    Our fees are based upon venue size/seating capacity considerations with equipment and hospitality          

40+ Years of dedicated KISS fans are waiting for a show... Your Next Show

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Phone: (772) 485-6222 or (954) 258-2825

Massive Fan Base - Huge Draw - Guaranteed Attendance - You Get What You Pay For


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