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Ok, I have seen the real Kiss perform 3 times in my life and in all honesty, If I had a choice to see them 'now' or this band, I would choose this band. "Kiss" was never really about the people or their personal lives but about the magic that they created on stage. It was about the raw magic of showmanship coupled with music and a certain element of mystery (which all vanished when they removed their masks). This band brings back that magic era, (and I mean even their voices and mannerisms) and looks just like the originals but are 100% more accessible during the actual concert. They make you, the audience feel important and part of the event. They played songs from the early kiss years through the 80's. Kudo's for a job well done!

Tim Tedana - Cocoa Beach, Fl

Wow !!! I saw you guys perform in Charlotte, NC at the Music Factory with the Ozzy tribute. The Ozzy trib was awesome but.... you guys took me back to when I was 15 years old. When I was a teenager I went to see the real band for the first time in Greenville SC in June of 1975 and then again later that year before Thanksgiving in Charlotte at the Park Center with Rush !!! I can not explain how much my friends and myself enjoyed that concert. You guys really perform as well as the real band did back in the day, it totally blew me away and I can't wait to see you guys again. I seriously enjoyed your reenactment as much as seeing the real KISS. I've seen about 6 KISS tributes over the years, they were not even close, can't touch you guys. You guys are seriously the best I've seen. You've got to come back to Charlotte again PLEASE !! Thank you !!

Steven Crawford - Charlotte NC

KISS ALIVE THE TRIBUTE is as close to the real band as it gets. I've watched the Kissology #1 dvd's hundreds of times but when we saw your band, we were there.  I'm in a full time band and I know it takes hard work and talent to do what you guys do. Thank you for an incredible show. We will all come see you again. Btw, my wife is now a KISS fan lol

Brian Mills - Toledo Oh


Being in the crowd during a performance of KISS ALIVE-The Tribute is as close to witnessing the sights and sounds of the vintage KISS spectacles of the mid-1970s as today's concert go'er could get. From the time fog engulfs the stage and our four masked superheroes make their way into position, the anticipation builds to a crescendo until the first notes of show starter “Deuce” blast through stacks of amps loud and powerful enough to melt the wax in your ears.

For the next two-plus hours (occasionally, the band will play two full 90-minute sets), “Paul, Gene, Ace & Peter” plow through more than two dozen tunes from the band’s legendary catalogue…with a couple of other surprises thrown in along the way. Song after song, the music takes center stage until the final note of the performance. The band replicates the authentic KISS sound, complete with guitar, bass and drum solos taken from KISS’ record-setting heyday.

If it were only about the music, seeing these guys live would be enough for most fans. However, in the stage show department, KISS ALIVE-The Tribute really brings it…and then some! The band fulfills a KISS fan’s wildest dreams by pulling off many of the original's most celebrated stage antics.

“Paul” pouts, prances and provides interactive banter with the audience, replicating Stanley’s vocal gymnastics from both KISS ALIVE I & II.  This Starchild also has been known to smash a guitar during the band’s final encore “Rock & Roll All Nite”. “Gene” prowls and growls across the stage while playfully flicking out his tongue at eager onlookers. The Demon puts the crowd into a frenzy during his fire-breathing and blood-spitting displays. “Ace” plays as if he’s stranded in the ozone, in his own world, wobbling back and forth all night. The Spaceman turns it up a notch during his smoking guitar solo, showcasing his six-string dexterity. “Peter” plays the drums with such force and fury - a contained aggression - that matches the chaos unfolding on the stage in front of him. Backed by the large, bright KISS sign, the Catman is always center stage, whether coming up front to croon “Beth” or wildly beating the skins during rocker “Black Diamond”.

The KISS ALIVE-The Tribute experience is an all-out assault on the senses that is unmatched by the countless other KISS imposters out there today. If you are a fan of the original KISS or someone longing for a larger than life concert performance, then this is the band for you. 
Did I mention that KISS ALIVE-The Tribute loves to mug for the camera and pose for pictures between sets and after the show with its adoring fans?

Frank Avilla - Port St. Lucie Fl

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